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The Made with Maude Foundation strives to create a world where everyone can be themselves and live in complete freedom. We support bold and daring ideas, so that we can contribute to a more equal world every day. We work with inspiring people and organisations who are tackling inequality in simple, smart and sometimes radical ways, and give them what they need to succeed. Inside and outside the world of wine. We go further.

With every purchase, you pass on equality. Together we create a better world. Every bottle you buy is an immediate donation to our foundation.

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There is a lot to gain when it comes to gender equality. In the wine world, and beyond.

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Made with Maude is more than wine. It's a movement. A movement to give women the opportunities they deserve. To contribute to an equal world. Women produce stunningly surprising wines but make up only a small fraction of winemakers worldwide. Also, these women winemakers often have to deal with gender inequality. We are here to give these women a platform and redress the balance.

Underrepresentation of women in the industry

Discrimination and inequality throughout the industry

Equal opportunities
for all